Krsna’s Great Sense of Humour

 by purujit dasa


one of the interesting features of krsna, the supreme personality of godhead is his sense of humour. god is not a boring guy sitting ona throne punishing sinners, but ever-fresh young boy with super intelligence. He is also an artist, inovative, creative and as i said he likes to joke. one of his wonderful jokes is that his name is absolute and that means that even if someone does not like krsna, but says "krsna"; like for example in case like: "hey, you hare krsnas. i wanna kill you!!" or "wake up man, your god krsna doesn't exist!it’s all just a story and you’re brainwashed." it acts nevertheless! srila prabhupada, the founder of the hare krsna movement noted that when envious people write in the newspaper: Hare Krsna is a brainwash that actually they are chanting Hare Krsna, in other words exactly what we want them to do. So yeah, it's a brainwash. such a powerful brainwash, that while speaking against it, while you're trying to protect your kids from being unlimitedly happy with Krsna while living in the slaughterhouse society of impersonal ice, you're already being brainwashed by saying the very words "Hare Krsna" so yeah let us tell everyone Hare Krsna and let us purify this contaminated atmosphere of kali yuga(the age of quarrel) more and more. let the mahamantra be spread from the beautifully shaped lips of srila prabhupada to every town and village haribol.

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