Now You: Pagan Boy Appreciates Hare Krsnas on The Streets

Krsna (God) is complete and therefore performs activities and we have to learn how to appreciate them
Krsna (God) is complete and therefore performs activities and we have to learn how to appreciate them


Here’s another edition of now the top most popular “Now You” section. This time Ethan has written a sort of review on the video Taking up Krsna consciousness. Here we go:





I learned about all the things I do not need when I was unemployed for 13 months. I also learned how it feels to not have the things you need to survive. I am thankful I could get out of that situation in time. Sometimes, the lesson you need is in a slap, not a kind word. Life will gleefully supply. I learned what family and friends means when I came out of the closet, and when I became a Pagan. These institutions are supposed to be immutable bastions of human life. You know, my F key is malfunctioning, so when I type "life" it comes out "lie" unless I push really hard on it. There's something in that, you know, "Human lie." I did not choose the things in my life that drove them away so much as I had one choice: do this or die. I cannot abide by the inauthentic.

When I come upon things that are fake, I turn my head away in dispair. There comes a time in everyone's life when the dispair becomes too much. Some become mindless automatons, living in a state between misery and numbness. Some destroy themselves rather than face that fate. It has been so good to find an escape.


Yeah, I don't shave my head and chant Hare Krsna. I don't think that's the point. I do give some money to the guys singing Hare Krsna on the street and in the metro, and I give money to guys on the street talking about Krsna provided I have any change on me at all. Do I just want good karma? No. Bullshit. I see them doing the good work. The work of peace and kindness and I want them to succeed. Everybody needs more of that in the world, no matter what God or Gods you follow, or none at all. Hare Krsnas are also helping me be less angry at proselytizers. I'm not dumb enough to think there is no alternative agenda, but I'm pretty sure you genuinely mean no harm. If Krsna gets you happy, dude, you keep doing it.


Ethan Kincaid I think it worth mentioning that not everyone is made upset because you won’t be their slave. Sometimes their mental programming tells then that something is “wrong” and they genuinely fear for your safety. Many times, random strangers you talk to about Krsna do not want to hear, not because they will lose a slave, but because they fear losing what they have. Some may be upset with you because they already have a deity or deities that they are pledged to. Does Krsna share nicely with other deities? I don’t know. You tell me. I am not monogamous in my spiritual or love life but I understand the feelings of those that are. Yeah, Krsna might be the nicest God ever, but if you already have your God, He seems like a homewrecker.


I tell you this, because you should know it when you talk to people who are already religious. Your argument may be perfectly convincing and they still say ‘no.’ You have not failed. What they are doing when they say ‘no’ to you is a statement of fidelity. They have found their escape into their ecstasy and they will not compromise it. Would you? I think you would not give up your Krsna consciousness and try to worship Thor for awhile because I tell you that He is a great guy. And I will not ask you to do that. Why? Because I see you have your ecstasy and that is a sacred thing.


Ethan Kincaid


Hare Krsna, Ethan

Thank you for taking time and writing a feedback on my video.


God is not my God or your God. God is for everyone. Just like the sun, it might rise from the east, but that doesn’t mean it’s an eastern sun. Similarly, God might be presented in different ways, but He remains the same person. The point is not to get stuck in my limited sectarian understanding and argue, but inquire about God. As soon as we understand God, then automatically all the differences will be adjusted. We do not perceive the real ecstasy as mine or yours. if we still think this is “my ecstasy”, “my religion”, “my God” or “my god” we might experience a sort of ecstasy true, but that will be finished with our body and is very insignificant. As long as we think I’m this material body, I’m a man, woman, ugly, beautiful, Christian, Hindu, etc we have to remain satisfied with limited pleasures derived from temporary body in a limited world of sectarianism. But if we open up a little bit, you know? experiment to be unconditional a bit and connect with the Supreme Whole, the source of all ecstasy who, regardless of how you call Him, must be Krsna(all-attractive), then we will experience ecstasy which is unlimited and because it is unlimited naturally it belongs to everyone. Not that simply my sectarian group is enjoying and let others go to hell. No. This is not spirituality. This is selfishness. If we have truly tasted unlimited ecstasy of God, then it is only natural that we will want to share it with others. Just like anything nice you discover, immediately you want to tell a friend: oh man I saw this movie it was amazing you should go check it out. You know? And because Krsna is unlimited, even though we share so much of Krsna, Krsna does not cease to supply more and more and more unlimited pleasure which is ever expanding and full of varieties, because the nature of the Supreme whole is that it can never be finished. So even if lets say the whole world became Krsna conscious, there would still be opportunity to go further and further and we could discuss Krsna’s pastimes, His different forms, paraphernalia, His associates and so on. It is not that Krsna is God and that’s it. No. We should inquire about Krsna and that inquiry should go on eternally. Cuz that’s love. We have to come to that. That is how you can also distinguish a materialistic religion (worship in exchange for some material benefit) from a transcendental pure devotional service to God. In the material religion the process of inquiry will soon stop: I’m of such and such religion, don’t tell me about your thing. I have my religion and I’m happy. Leave me alone, whereas in a transcendental pure devotional love your inquiry will never stop, the discussion on how to please God will go on and on and on. Most of the religious people accept yes, there is God, ok. Now what is His name, form, nature, pastimes? Why not be curious about your lover? If you truly love God and someone comes and tells you something you do not know about God, you must be curious. (please check Prabhupada’s video “If I show you God, why don’t you accept Him?” cuz it totally relates to the topic) Not that you are coming from that group and that group, that is why I will not take any information from you now, whether it’s true or not I don’t care. This is not love. If you love someone, you want to know as much as possible about that person. You are not satisfied simply with knowing: the girl is nice. You want to know about her hobbies, what she thinks of this and that, this and that, this and that there are so many topics in the world and you want to know her opinion on every single topic right? If she doesn’t appreciate your Pagan religion let’s say, you want to know why not. And why? because you love her. And if you just want to use her and if she doesn’t follow your vision your sense gratification is disturbed in this way, then you tell her: Oh you’re against paganism? get out! I don’t want to see you anymore, you stupid. So this is just a material example, what to speak of Krsna whom you can never know completely? We are eternally minute, whereas Krsna is eternally the Whole. In this way, we can talk about Krsna forever without any stoppage. So the question is never why yes, but why not? as long as you’re still asking why yes, why should I read this book, why should I chant this Hare Krsna, why should I accept Krsna, etc. you have to remain conditioned doesn’t matter how many limited Krsna unconscious viewpoints you stand for. But if you for a change ask yourself why not at least hear what this Krsna philosophy is about, then the real open mindedness begins. Open mindedness doesn’t mean blind acceptance it means a willingness to question ourselves and our limited point of view in contact with a superior philosophy. And that’s what the Krsna consciousness movement is all about.


Your servant Purujit dasa

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