Just Imagine

by purujit dasa


a seed. a seed is an insignificant little nonsense. a seed is an insignificant nonsense little thing, which you step on. a seed is an insignificant little nonsense little thing , which you step on and don't even think of it. a thought of a seed lying on the ground hardly crosses your mind. practically the seed does not exist for you. but hey what's that over there! OH MY GOD! WOOOOOOW! an elephant! a living elephant! cooool. wow. can i pat him? how are you buddy? good boy. while you enjoy the sight of an elephant let us zoom in on the seed with our imaginary camera though. zooooooooooooooooooooooom. yeah, the seed is there lying on the ground as though nothing. hmm. alright let's take the time machine and fast forward a few days. cool. go on. go on. cool. wait! no that was just a fly. carry on. WAIT. stop here. rewind a little bit. ok hold on. you see? this is where the seed starts to grow. there's this tiny little thing coming out of it and when you fast forward a little bit more you can see how the plant is slowly growing up from the seed. how cool! it's like living! the plant is growing, growing, getting bigger, it's growing cuz it wants to reach the sun. that's like the whole system -the sun is the inspiration for its growth.

anyway, lets' fast forward a few years later. WOW! oh man.. that's like...that's like..a whole TREE!!!! can u believe it? ...and all THAT from a small seed? the tree is big like anything..hey what's that? did you see that? the growth of the tree actually smashed that piece of concrete which was standing in the way of the plant's growing pathway. this is so cool.

ok, let's check the elephant. how the elephant is doing. but who is that? look at that little pixie. look at that little boy with a stick! he brought the elephant here. he was the one! and there's no one else with him. it's just that little tiny guy. let's go and say hello.

-hey, tiny guy!

-hare krsna!

-you have a nice elephant here!

-you like him? his name is govindaji.

-govindaji, good boy (pats the elephant)

- :)

-tell me something little boy.


-how come you're able to control such a big elephant with your little stick?

-it's the brains, not the muscles.

-excuse me?

-it's the brains, not the muscles


-(laughs) ok i'll explain. your body is like a car. if there's no driver in a car, it doesn't move. similarly if you're not in your body, your body is dead.


-so you're like the controller of the body and the body is your instrument.


-...we might have different bodies, like for example here govindaji might have a body of an elephant, but ultimately we're all the same.


-the point is to realize that we are not the body.


-and the more you understand that you are you and body is body the more you will be able to control things around you.

-i see

-yeah just like now. although i'm a tiny boy and you are a grown up, i'm controlling your attention by teaching you stuff and you're going: right right. i see. lol. it's not the body, it's the brains! lol


-so now let's go back to the seed..

-wait! how come you know about our little meditation on seed we did before? i thought you came AFTER the seed scene!




aaaaanyway. listen up, the seed...

-yeah..the seed…

-the seed is also a type of car. it's just another body for someone else to reside in.

-someone else??


-c'mon this is a little bit too much, dont you think?

-so how come the plants are growing?

-well, duh, cuz of photosynthesis?

-oh yeah? so why do the plants die then?

-cuz the chemical processes end or something like that. i dunno.

-and what happened to the photosynthesis?

-it stopped.

-why? you just said they are growing becuz of it.

-yeah! and they die cuz the chemical reaction

-so why doesn't the photosynthesis makes a chair grow too?

-cuz the chemical reaction is not in the chair. it's only in plants

-why not?

-i dunno.

-so anyway, the seed is another type of body for the "reaction" to reside in. mrs reaction is so powerful that it can smash a big concrete wall and manifest a gigantic tree body.

-yeah, i saw that! that was amazing. would you believe that?

-and that's not all. from that tree millions of leaves are manifested and those leaves have fruits and those fruits have seeds.

-really? i didn't notice that!

-cuz you're blind!!! lol


-yeah! you have to look more carefully. look! see?

-oh nice apple!

-it's prasadam. take


-you see those small little seeds?


-so they are all future trees.

-i see!

-and these trees will bear millions and billions of apples with seeds and those seeds will grow more trees and those trees will bear more apples and so on and so on.


-so actually in that insignificant little seed you have a potential of unlimited trees.

-and i thought that the seed was just a little tiny nonsense.

-well…just see how thick you are! lol

-lol i guess i am.

-yes you are!



-what connects the two examples of the seed and the elephant is that in both cases it's the spirit, which is victorious over matter. brains over the muscles. Unlimited over the limitations, transcendence over materialism. the spirit is that wonderful transcendental thingy which does all the magic in the world and without which the world would be dead. it is the spirit which is eternally free and unchecked by any material circumstances. and krsna's body as opposed to ours is made of nothing but spirit. krsna's body is described as sat-cit-ananda -full of eternity, blissfulness and knowledge. just imagine..

-wow. that’s deep man.

-look this is Krsna!

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    Prabhupäda: Oh. [break] ...fig, there are thousands of seeds. And each seed contains a tree like that. And there are thousands of fruits, figs. Where is that chemist who can prepare such figs? One, in Delhi, when our festival was going on, we invited a big chemist. He admitted that "Our chemical advance, scientific advancement is like this." He explained very nicely. You were present?
    Yogeçvara: Where?
    Prabhupäda: In Delhi? He said that a man who has learned the art to, what is called, barking like dog, and people will go to see, purchasing ticket, ten rupees, twenty rupees, how the man is barking like a dog. And there are so many dogs barking. They won't see. This is our advancement. If a man has artificially learned how to bark, they'll go to see by paying fees. And the natural barking, they don't care. So these rascals are like that. They're trying to manufacture life. And so many life is coming by nature's process, millions and millions, that is no credit. And he's trying, utopian, he'll create life by chemical combination, he's given all credit, Nobel Prize: "Oh, here is a man." This is rascaldom. So what credit you'll get. Suppose if you can manufacture a man or an animal in the laboratory, where is your credit? There are many millions and millions are coming automatically. We are trying to give credit to Kåñëa who is making all this creation.

    Morning Walk -- June 6, 1974, Geneva