Invitation to Sankirtana Party

hare krsna to all the krsna troublemakers!

did you hear that sound? that's your heart wanting to join in the full on street chanting party this sunday 25th of march 2012! The heart is beating for some Sankirtan Party!!! c'mon in and experience the real hare krsna fun on the streets of montreal. sophia, kuba and purujit decided to take a bunch of shakers, drums, and other friends and go to spread the krsna love to the people of montreal chanting hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare and dance along with it is the best way how to connect everything that moves into self-realization. The devotees want you to put down your masks and give your sorry correction... ALL your love to krsna, so please show up at 1708 notre dame west at sophia`s place at 3.00pm and we`ll take it from there. also feel free to call: 438 937 1080 if youre lost this sunday and we'll tell you where we are. after the ecstatic chant parade(hopefully the cops join us too!), vegetarian prasadam feast for everyone who participates in the hare krsna center at acadie, fill up your belly until you faint. bring all your friends, all your kids and all grandparents and we'll jump up in air for Krsna and never return/ or spy on us from a distance and give us your support through our good old friend telepathy. hari bol!

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