Mirror of The Heart

by purujit dasa


why is a mirror so attractive to us? why do we look at it when noone is watching and why are we fascinated by the image of ourselves? well, take a good look into a mirror. what do you see? yeah, that's you. duh. we know that. but wait a it really you? just look more carefully. what about this wrinkle here? that wasn't there before! and look at that moustache. i look like an animal. it's not like way back when i didn't have a moustache. those times when i did not have to shave. those times when my skin was super clean and shiny and i had innocent eyes. so, it's not really you anymore. the body has changed. i look different. my body is changing. i look different. i've just realized: i look different. i look different. i look different.

question number two: am i beautiful or ugly? actually this is a question number one, but just so we can camouflage how much obsessed with ourselves we are, we have hid it under the number two. depends on when you're looking. if you had a good day and someone just flattered you on how wonderful you are, how wonderful you look or so many other lies just to get something from you, you tend to look into mirror and think: not bad jimmy. looking good. if you have a bad day though and everyone turns out to be a jerk and a person you cared for so much that you were almost ready to die for him/her made a complete moron out of you, you look into a mirror and see a total looser and probably you’re going to turn your face from the mirror right away in disgust.

sorry to break the bad news, but in case you're familiar with the above mentioned cycle, you are living your life in a state of hypnosis. you're in a hypnosis right now. the hypnosis is called false bodily identification. You think you are your body. and this is the source of our conditional existence. no one likes conditions, rules, barriers and because the conditioned existence is based on it, no matter how much we try, our life must suck by constitution of that situation. who wouldn't like to erase death from the busy time schedule of his life? who wouldn't like to cancel disease from happening to us all the time? who wouldn't like to avoid stepping into the old age? and who wouldn't like to not have an appointment with the placenta in his next birth? nevertheless, these rules are forced upon us against our will and we can't change them. what we can do though is go deeper into hypnosis and pretend that they don't exist and enjoy illusion of made up happiness. besides the fact that such a life is a lie, we never really get to know people around us, because all we think while interacting with them is how to make sure no one finds out that our life is a lie. we're lucky, because pretty much all the people we are interacting with in the materialistic society are doing the same thing- they are putting on a show of being happy and constantly checking whether someone can see their true sad selves or not. in one sense although such a fear of being exposed is absurd, we like to feed that stinky paranoya on and on. The reason for this is that this is the only impetus for building a lielife- a fear of getting exposed of who we really are. it's kind of like horrors. although they're scary, most people watch them becuz they like the high of being afraid. Actually that’s not the high. The high is the relief part. "oh man i'm so glad that this was just a movie and no one like freddy krueger exists." The scary movie makes us appreciate our normal boring life more. similarly, we like the paranoya of being exposed, because then we can enjoy the feeling of covering the reality of our hypocritical existence with sense gratification even more. The brave exposer a.k.a preacher, who doesn’t hesitate to speak up his mind even at the sake of his own safety(of being exposed for his own dirt) is actually the only person who really cares about the real us but to us he is many times only an inspiration to dive deeper into our false self protective lie shield maintenance. we like to tickle our false ego to make it stronger. it’s like gymnatics. Muscle pressure makes our body more elastic. Similarly, the brave exposer makes our false ego more elastic. He is basically offering us a free training of how to be even more fake by providing us with challenges. hmm who knows maybe he’s right and I am living a lie? when we convince ourselves though through blind dogmas presented by the miseducation of body consciousness that such a concept is nothing but irrational faith and that living a lie is the only way, we become relieved and we are subsequently more enthused to cover ourselves with more lies just to make sure we don’t actually feel attack of truth in the future that strongly. Ironically, this is the beginning of our spiritual life. As they say denial is the first stage of acceptance. In the preliminary stage, spirituality will serve as something we should aspire to live against, when we’re running of ideas of how to live. This is how we first touch it. Becuz the true spirituality says that we should become servants of god, the best way how to achieve this is to use religion as our servant and become ourselves god.

becuz we're hypocrites, we are naturally attracted to the hypocrites in the spiritual circles. birds of the feather flock together. If we can’t find any then we try to corrupt the sincere ones by preaching to them the lielife philosophies or contaminate them with lielife maintenance blabberings. in this way, we skillfully avoid hearing out the message of the spiritual knowledge itself, but focus on the hypocritical side of actually not following the real thing. this is done in two ways: a)by laughing at spiritual hypocrites who are preaching water but drinking wine: oh look such hypocrites hahaha or b)by actually joining them and thus becoming a spiritual hypocrite ourselves. lifelie maintenance and spiritual hypocrisy is basically the same thing. People call it differently just for confusion making purposes.

Nevertheless, sometimes it happens so, that in our lifelie we bump into the hare krsnas. hare krsna is a sacred mantra, which takes people out of lielife hypnosis without even asking them for permission. in other words, it tends to kidnap people into transcendental world behind the thick walls of lielife even against their will. i mean...c'mon..what free will? you call that tiny little weakling shivering in a cold in the corner of your unconsciousness a free will? C’mon…you're having me on. Anyway, the mantra goes like this:


hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare

hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare


good. now you have read the mantra. that means that your lielife is about to fall apart. High five! what's gonna happen now is that after some time from now on you will feel unexplainable desire to join the hare krsnas and chant and dance in ecstasy like a madman. we don't know when it's gonna happen, because you actually do have a free will. I was just kidding when I said you don’t. until that happens, you will have to come across Krsna again and again and again until you start chanting the hare Krishna mantra on regular basis. hare krsna hare krsna. like that. the word krsna is especially interesting becuz in translation it means all-attractive and just like we're attracted to mirror but don't know why, we are attracted to krsna but don't know why. there's no particular reason why we're attracted to krsna and that's what the nature of attraction is. it just happens. why is beauty attractive? we don't know. it just is. why is fame attractive? why is knowledge, renunciation, sttrength, wealth? becuz krsna is all attractive he's all this simultaneously and unlimitedly and becuz attraction have no reasons Krsna is basically the most i don't know why i'm attracted to it kind of word in the world. And this is the reason why you start chanting it, but because that would be a reason, people have a free will not to do it …

by doing like this hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare, you soon realize that the person in the mirror is not actually you. it is an image you have created through hallucinations. Throughout your existence you have been creating all sorts of ideas of who you are, but have never been satisfied with any one of them. this is called body design. the body you have right now is designed through imagination you had in your previous body. this bodily imagination however is conditioned by your surroundings. For example, if you ask an African guy, who has never seen a white woman to imagine a woman, he will imagine a black woman. Bodily imagination is therefore not as cool as we might think because it is limited. Actually it is not really imagination when you think about it. it’s more like a brainwash, cuz you can only imagine things which you already experienced and no one is in charge of what he’s about to experience next. Our imagination is therefore limited according to the circumstances we’re thrown into. so basically you create a body through your conditioned imagination which then appears in a set of new conditionings, which will condition you to again imagine something else. in this way you're stuck in a vicious cycle of cause and effect and no one really knows how it started. It’s called samsara. just a like painter painting a picture, then scratches it and makes a new one, but is not satisfied because he's still disturbed about the previous one, we are constantly looking for that perfect situation, perfect lover, perfect job, perfect place and we are ever in anxiety cuz we can’t find any of these things due to our conditioning from our previous live. this is why people are seeking peace of mind. peace of mind means that they want to become free from the disturbance created by their conditionings, cuz no one wants to be limited.

The Vedas, or shortly scriptures from God not made by humans say that although we are attracted by mirror on the wall, there's yet another mirror existing inside of us. through this mirror however, if we look, we can see our true selves. in other words, through this mirror we can see our soul. in other words, i'm telling you if you look into this internal mirror, you won't see your body, but you will see how you look for real. it is the mirror of the heart. The mirror is basically your mind and mind’s function is to reflect your surroundings. You are being influenced by so many things from outside and that reflects on your mind. For example someone tells you that your neighbour Mrs. Collins was shot yesterday in a park while eating banana. Then the rest of the day, you are thinking of Mrs. Collins cuz Mrs. Collins was so nice and warm lady and she always brought you home made cookies and didn’t disturb like the other people in her age. This is called mind impression. Mrs. Collins is impressed on your mind just like for example the typing: Third World War started is impressed on the top page of tommorow’s newspaper. Or someone really really really beautiful tells you: I love you. Naturally you will be thinking of it maybe even more than for one day. Some people think about it even for several years, especially if they look like a Godzilla. Then some really moronic person tells you: you are very artistic. Another moronic person tells you: you are fat. Another person tells you: you are such a pessimist. In this way the pure, innocently naked soul is dressed in what we call false ego. In other words these conditionings create our so-called identity: a person we think we are. In other words, when we look into mirror, we see our body not as it is, in other words through this false conception of who we think we are. So in order to liberate ourselves from such a drag, we need to brainwash ourselves. Namely we have to cleanse the mirror in the heart(our mind) from all this circumstantially imposed dirt. Such unnecessary thoughts, which end up creating our false ego are like a dust on a mirror and that’s what the Hare Krsna mantra is all about. If a mirror is dirty we cannot see our reflection. What we see is dust. Similarly people whose inner mirror is not clean, but contaminated by so many conditionings or in other words faiths, mistake their true selves to be the dust. In such madness we proclaim: why should I brainwash myself with the Krsna mantra?? I want to be myself(man, woman, white, black, beautiful, artistic, pessimistic, good man, macho, metal guy, pretty, ugly, looser, cool)! So naturally it is very very difficult to explain, you just have to chant.

We should understand though, that the unwillingness to accept the all-attractive (in other words someone way cooler than we can ever be) Krsna as reality and furthermore take into consideration that our internal mirrors are dirty like tar is coming from a misunderstanding of who Krsna really is.

Just admit it, we live in incompleteness. incompleteness means we want to be master but whenever we want to be masters we end up like servants. (politician begging for votes like a prostitute, head of the family working like an ass to satisfy them all) our idea of mastership is therefore limited to our experience of messed up mastership like that. that’s all we know. for us master means a looser, who has to flatter everyone in order to get that praise. this is what we are experiencing on daily basis. This is what we are. therefore when we come in touch with Krsna and are told that he is it, the supreme master, the total controller, the total ruler, who controls everything and everyone oh yeah, we see ourselves in him. –mirror. We also think he’s a prostitute begging for votes, or a hardworking family ass and becuz he’s like that, when he wants to give us some Krsna love, he must have an ulterior motive. He surely wants to exploit us. This is the problem. We never understood what God actually meant. No one ever properly explained to us that God is everything and anything and there cannot be anything beyond God. Therefore If God is subjected to some higher power, how can he be God? This is pure nonsense. So Krsna is complete. He doesn’t need us. But becuz he doesn’t need us that’s why he loves us as unconditional love can be only out of completeness. Becuz Krsna is complete he can give us as much love as he wants and yet he is not loosing anything becuz he is all that is. don’t you get it? here, check this out:


The Personality of Godhead is perfect and complete. And be­cause He is completely perfect, all emanations from Him, such as this phenomenal world, are perfectly equipped -as a complete whole. Whatever is produced of the complete whole is also com­plete by itself. And because He is the Complete Whole, even though so many complete units emanate from Him, He remains the complete balance.


(Sri Isopnisad Invocation)



All sorts of incompleteness are experienced on account of us being limited in our understanding of the unlimited Krsna. Remove your false pride and admit it- we’re limited and our so-called love is simply prostitution by which we think we will be able to get out of limitation. that is why impersonal liberation is not actually love. Although one might be liberated from the cycle of samsara for some time at least, because he doesn’t truly love the unlimited Krsna, he has to come back to samsara to get some conditional loving’ again because loving propensity is our nature. We have to love someone, so if it’s not Krsna, then it’s a gf, bf, dog or whatever nonsense. the difference between loving a whatever nonsense and loving Krsna is that love of whatever nonsense must be selfish, because it is exclusive. I love my gf, but I bomb someone else’s country. I love my son, but I brutally chop down a cow. This is the origin of sectarianism. My gf, my kids, my family, my community, my country, my species, my planet. Your bf, your kids, your family, your community, blah blah. Go on, go on, the perfection of that expansion tendency is to understand that everything is part and parcel of the Complete Whole Krsna and instead of thinking my gf, my kids, my family, my community, my country, my planet we think Krsna’s gf, Krsna’s kids, Krsna’s family, Krsna’s community, Krsna’s country, Krsna’s planet, cuz they all are simply part and parcels of the unlimited and unconditioned complete and all-attractive supreme whole Krsna. Only with such an understanding we can give up the lording it over propensity and become a true lover of Krsna and thus of all my beloved ones and not-beloved ones too. Until that time we’ll have to constantly fix up our so-called image in a mirror in order to serve the people we want to control. And that is the lielife all about. Grab your whatever krsnadelic musical instruments people and just chant Hare Krsna cant hear ya! Chant Hare Krsna cant hear ya! Chant Hare Krsna cant hear ya! Jaya Prabhupada!

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