Proof of the Vedas Part 8

by purujit dasa





You might have wondered how it can be possible to understand perfect knowledge through hearing, if our senses are imperfect. To answer this, we should again remember that we are not this body.


Just like one person changes his dress, similarly, when this dress, the present body, is unworkable... Just like one man cannot see. What do you mean by "cannot see"? When the power of vision is no longer working or the spectacle is broken, therefore he cannot see. Similarly, when the all the senses will be broken or cannot work... Just like eye cannot, the eyes cannot work, therefore it is blind, similarly, the hand cannot work, the leg cannot work, the tongue cannot work because at the last stage when this mechanical arrangement of this body will stop to function, that is called death. That you try to understand, that as because I cannot see, it does not mean I am dead. Similarly, because the senses of the body cannot function, that also does not mean that I am dead. It is to be understood with little intelligence and with cool head.


Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 7.6.1

New York, April 9, 1969

The body is simply a dress for the living entity within. As soon as the living entity is out of the body, the ear won’t hear. It is the living entity inside, who hears. The sense of hearing, namely the ear is simply an instrument.



Because the Complete Whole is the source of both body and soul, ultimately they are both parts of the Complete Whole. When the ear is therefore dovetailed for the realization of the Complete Whole, its original natural position (being part of the Whole) becomes manifest and thus become spiritual or complete in itself.


Since the gross and the subtle bodies are emanations from the Personality of Godhead, the knowledge of light permits one to engage both of them in the service of the Lord.


SB 1.5.27



The Absolute Truth covered by māyā is called matter. Matter dovetailed for the cause of the Absolute Truth regains its spiritual quality. Kṛṣṇa consciousness is the process of converting the illusory consciousness into Brahman, or the Supreme.


Bg 4.24 purport



When the material energy is engaged in the service of the Supreme Spirit, so-called material energy is also transformed into spiritual energy, just as an iron rod becomes fire when placed in contact with fire.


SB 5.12.8 (first edition) purport


(to be continued…)

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