The Proof Of You Part 6

by purujit dasa


 Life Comes From Life


While the scientists are busy looking for evidence, if we simply look around, we see that life is coming from life. As opposed to irrational beliefs, this is a perceivable reality. A baby is conceived by living parents. An egg is produced by a living bird. A seed is given by a growing plant. Nowhere can we see a child being conceived by dead parents, seed being produced from a dead tree, etc. Such things belong to the world of imagination.



We can prove that life arises from life. For example, a father begets a child. The father is living, and the child is living. But where is their proof that a father can be a dead stone? Where is their proof? We can easily prove that life begins from life. And the original life is Kṛṣṇa. That also can be proven. But what evidence exists that a child is born of stone? They cannot actually prove that life comes from matter. They are leaving that aside for the future. [Laughter.]


Life Comes From Life :The Missing Link



Dr. Singh. The scientists argue that before Darwin's biophysical type of evolution could take place, there had to be what they call prebiotic chemistry, or chemical evolution.

Śrīla Prabhupāda. Yes. And the term "chemical evolution" means that chemicals have an origin, and that origin is spirit, or life. A lemon produces citric acid, and our bodies produce many chemicals in urine, blood, and bodily secretions. This is proof that life produces chemicals, not that chemicals produce life.


Life Comes From Life:  The Origin of the Interplanetary Gases


Even in our present experience we can know that nothing is generated from inert matter, but inert matter can be generated from the living entity. For instance, by contact with the living entity, the material body develops into a working machine. Men with a poor fund of knowledge mistake the bodily machinery to be the living being, but the fact is that the living being is the basis of the bodily machine. The bodily machine is useless as soon as the living spark is away from it.


SB 1972 introduction


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