Haribol ! August

So we are back after couple technical difficulties. 

And we the comback we recived a very nice upgrade, a digital Camera so we can take a better potage of our adventures in the tample and outside with Maya.


August started in a very interesting way, we met lots of new cherecters at who visited us in the temple and in the TamTams, even a Devotee squirrel joined in a had a piece of barfi(!) which was probebly as big as her head. you can find her and all our other new friends down below in the photo section.


After that aswome weekened we were very sad to notice that our transidental website was hacked and now after almost a week we finally got it back, Haribol!


So go and check the photos, hope you missed us because we missed you ... will be glad to hear from all of you and countiue aswering mails with Questions about Prabhupada, Krishna or the movement ...


Hare Krishna ! Hare Rama ! Haribol !


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