The Antimaterial World

Matter itself has no creative power. When it is manipulated by the living energy, material things are produced. Matter in its crude form is therefore the latent energy of the Supreme Being. Whenever we think of energy, it is natural that we think of the source of energy. For example, we may think of electrical energy, but along with the energy we think of the electrical powerhouse where that energy is generated. Energy is therefore not self-sufficient, but it is under the control of a superior living being, who controls the energy. Fire is the source of two other energies, namely light and heat. Light and heat have no independent existence without fire. Similarly, the two forms of energy, namely inferior and superior, are derived from a third source, call it by any name. But that source of energy must be a living being with full sense of everything. That supreme living being is the Personality of Godhead, Śrī Kṛṣṇa, or the all-attractive living being.


In the Vedas, the supreme living being, or the Absolute Truth, is called Bhagavān, or the full-fledged living being, who is the fountainhead of all kinds of energies. The discovery of the two forms of energy by the scientists is not the end of progressive science. They have to go still further in the subject and thus discover the source of the two particles or atoms, namelythematerial and the anti-material.

How can we explain the anti-material particle? We have experience of material particles, or atoms, but we have no experience of anti-material atoms. Bhagavad-gītā, however, gives a vivid description of the anti-material particles as follows:



"This antimaterial particle is within the material body. Because of the presence of this antimaterial particle, the material body is progressively changing from childhood to boyhood, from boy­hood to youth-hood and from youth-hood to old age, after which the antimaterial particle leaves the old, unworkable bodyand takes up another material body."



This description of a living body confirms the scientific discovery that matter exists in two forms. When one of them, the antimaterial particle, is absent from the material body, the latter becomes useless for all purposes. As such, the antimaterial particle is undoubtedly superior to the material energy.


"No one should therefore lament for the loss of material energy. All varieties of sense-perception in the categories of feeling well or unwell are but interactions of material energy—which come and go like seasonal changes. As such the temporary appearance and disappearance of material interactions also confirms the inferiority of material form of energy in comparison to the superior form of energy called by the name jīva, or the living force."


"Any intelligent man, therefore, who is not disturbed by these interactions of material energy and who thinks of such re­sultant happiness and distress as different phases of the inferior energy, is competent to regain the antimaterial world, where life is eternal and of permanent bliss."



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