Vyasa Puja Offering By Ramachandra Dasa

Vyasa Puja Offering to My spiritual master , His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


In this age of Kali Yuga, age of coral and hypocrisy we not just live for shorter, suffer for longer, been cheated by everyone or observed in our temporary body which is basically not more then a bag full of bones stool and urine but beside all of that even if we try to get on some spiritual path immediately as a dieing man in the desert we almost automatically surrounded by vultures and other animals anticipating his death, we are surrounded by an unlimited line of cheaters who will be very glad to miss lead us from the path of true, and pure self realization.


But by the mercy of Krishna, any one of us can personally contract Kali yuga. Srila Prabhupada is this mercy personified. Coming directly from the spiritual world on the order of not other then Sri Krishna to Save Us from an even more (believe it or not) hellish condition of existence.

By His Unlimited mercy Prabhupada Has come to take us out of here. And everyone who follows, can immediately perceive how all his anxieties are over. He no needs to work, if he works its only from his free will to serve You, our Dear Spiritual Master. He no longer need to lament for loss or hanker for gain because he knows that any endeavored which based on the matiral plafrom will be nullified by the end of the creation and by Your mercy, the only endeavor which remains without any loss is serving you, Our Great Spiritual Master.

But I am just like a warm in a stool, completely unqualified in this task of worshiping your lotus feet. By your unconditional mercy Srila Prabhupada, you pulling me out of this material entanglement but just like that same worm I crawling back to the nasty material associations, so called friendships , joy, pleasure or happiness .


By the Mercy of the Krishna One receives the bona-fide spiritual master- Krishna knows everything and he knows when is the right time. Now by his mercy the Srila Prabhupada arrived and even after his physical departure is counting to inspiring & initiate spirit souls who are desperate for getting out of this worm pool. Finishing birth, disease, old age and death. And the process is the most sublime and simple in the same time, Chanting, dancing and feasting. By The Mercy OF His Divine Grace , Any one from any cultural back ground, social, economical , gender color or believes can be enjoy life of full bliss , in full knowledge and revive his spiritual body in any part of the universe.


Why should we go on chewing the chewed. Eating , sleeping defending, mating and then serving everyone and anyone just to so called experience those activities even more. “”

Bhunam Janman” we have been already doing that for so long... this sex that sex, this sandwich that girlfeirnd or this bodyfreind climbing jumping lifting weights working and working serving the body. In fact Non of those thing are worth our time here. The only thing which worth continue breathing for is been engaged in your service, my dear spiritually master, Jagat guru, the spiritual master of the all universe.



As the external manifestation of the supersoul, His Divine Grace showing us this sublime path in the transcendental loving service to Krishna instead of the service to Maya. He recruits all those unfortunate souls, such as myself from any part of the universe . That is a fact. Therefore, I pray to the mercy of Lord Nityananda that I may spend every remaining moment of this life informing everyone I meet that His Divine Grace meets all the requirements stated by scriptures and by great authorities to be the Spiritual Master of every living entity of the universe. Hare Krishna , All glories to you Srila Prabhupada! Sincerely,your insignificant servent Ramachandra Dasa.


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