Does God still exists?

Guest: Does God still exists?

Prabhupada: Exists in exactly the same way. When your childhood body is no longer, how you are existing?

Guest: [indistinct]

Prabhupada: Well, after all, at the present moment you haven't got your childhood body. Similarly, when you will not have this body, why not another body? What is the difficulty? You have got experience in this life that you were existing in your body when it was baby. Just like this child: when he will grow up the father, mother will not cry or lament, "Oh, where is my son? Where is my son?" You know that "My son has got another body, but he is existing." Therefore the very word is used, dhiras tatra na muhyati. Dhira.

Dhira means those who are sober, coolheaded. Dhiras tatra na muhyati. Exactly the same example, that this so many children there are, so when they will grow up the mother will not lament. The mother knows that "My child is there; the body has changed." Another example can be given that if somebody has seen a child, say a one-year-old child, and he is absent... It is my practical experience: one of my Godbrothers, he left home when his child was one year old, and then after twenty-five or thirty years, his boy came to see him -- he could not recognize him. Why? There is a change of body. One had to introduce his son, "This is your son." "Oh!" [laughter] [laughs] Similarly, we are changing bodies, but the same son he could not recognize.

There were many instances. Just like there is a story of Sohrab Rostam. You know? The father killed his boy. They did not know they are father and son, and they fought, and when the boy was killed, then his father knew, "Oh, he is my son!" [aside: Aye aye, bhite. ] The body is changing, but the soul is there. Why Rostam lamented for killing his child? Because he could not recognize that "He was my child. I could not...," because he was long, long away from home. So he killed his child. This is very simple fact; try to understand. This is the first beginning of spiritual education. Unless one understands that spirit soul is everlasting, nityahsasvato 'yam, na hanyate hanyamane sarire...  [Bg. 2.20] That is the description in the Bhagavad-gita, that the spirit soul is eternal; it does not annihilate after the annihilation of this body. And this spirit soul has no beginning. The spirit soul is part and parcel of God. As God is ever-existing, similarly the spirit soul is ever-existing. Just like as the sun is existing, the sunshine is also existing. The example of the spirit soul is like the molecular parts in the sunshine. The sunshine is combination of so many atomic shining particles. This is natural. They are different. The sun-shining particles, they are different. But because they are combined together... Everything is atomic combination -- in water also; in land also -- similarly, the sunshine is combination of molecules, shining molecular parts. So as the sun is existing, the sunshine is also existing. Similarly, as God is existing, the part and parcels of God, shining particles, spirit souls, they are also existing. They are also existing. So clear this part. Any one of you, first of all clear this part. That is the first stage for advancing in spiritual education. What is the difficulty in understanding?

Guest: The only difficulty... I, when I die, when I die [indistinct].

Prabhupada: You don't die. That is my proposition.

Guest: My form dies.

Prabhupada: Form, yes!

Guest: Eh...


Prabhupada: Just like if you change this dress.

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