Atheist, diplomat or a woman

An atheistic person cannot be firm in his word of honor. One who cannot control the senses cannot be steady in his determination. The great politician Canakya Pandita said, "Never put your trust in a diplomat or in a woman." Those who are addicted to unrestricted sense gratification can never be truthful, nor can they be trusted with any faith.

Reference :  KRSNA BOOK  The Advent of Lord Krsna

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    Kyle (Saturday, 11 June 2016 15:23)

    "Never put your trust in a diplomat or in a woman" I am sure this does not mean what I think it means. I am positive. It is not possible for such an awakened group of people, who consider their bodies to be not much more than lumps of flesh and for material possessions to be not much more than dirt, to at the same time say something like "Never put your trust in a woman". I am a man, and I am sincerely confused by this statement. Is this belief sexist? I am sure it is not. So if someone can explain the meaning behind this statement, I would VERY much appreciate it because it is extremely misleading. It gives the impression that this belief regards women as unequal to men, which would be extremely idiotic and blatantly wrong. But I am sure that is not the message it is trying to get accross and I am eager to know what it really means. Have a great day!