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Mantra No. 10

Anyat eva ahur vidyaya anyat ahu avidyaya iti shushruma dheeranam ye nah tadvichchakshire.

English Synonyms

Anyat-different, eva-certainly, ahur-said, vidyaya-by culture of knowledge, anyat-different,thu-said, avidyaya-nescience, iti-thus, shushruma-heard, dheeranam-from the sober sect, ye-those, nah-to us, vichchakshire-explained.


The sober section (of the learned scholars) explained to us that a different result is derived from the culture of knowledge and it is said also that different result is obtained from the culture of nescience.


Culture of knowledge can be practically conducted in the following way as it is said in the Bhagwat Geeta [Bg. 13] It is said there that one should become a perfect gentleman himself and learn to give proper respect to the respectable persons than himself. 2. One should notpose himself to become a certain type of religionist simply for the matter of name and fame. 3. One should not become a source of pinprick for others by the actions of body, mind and words. 4. One should learn forbearance even there is provocation from the opposite section. 5. One should learn to avoid playing duplicity in his dealings with other. 6. One must have a bonafide spiritual master who can lead him gradually to the stage of spiritual realisation and to such Acharya or spiritual master he must submit himself with service and relevant questions. 7. One must follow the regulative principles as they are enjoined in the revealed scriptures in order to approach to the platform of self realisation. 8. One must be fixed up in the tenets of the revealed scriptures. 9. One should completely refrain from the practices which are detrimental to the interest of self realisation. 10. One should not accept more for the senses than what he requires for the maintenance of the body and the soul together. 11. One should not falsely identify himself with the material covering or the gross body and also consider as his own those who are related with his body. 12. One should always remember that so long one has to go with the material body he must have to face the miseries like repeated birth and death, old age and diseases. There is no use making plans to get rid of these miseries of the material body: the best plan would be to find out the means by which one may regain his spiritual identity. 13. One should not be attached to the necessities of life more than what is required by one for the progress of his spiritual advancement of life. 14. One should not be more attached to wife, children and home than what is ordained in the revealed scriptures. 15. One should not be happy or distressed in the matters of desirables and undesirables created by the mind. 16. One should become unalloyed devotee of the Personality of Godhead (Sri Krishna) and thus serve Him with rapt attention. 17. To develop a sense for residing in a secluded place for calm and quiet atmosphere favourable for spiritual culture and thus avoid congested places where nondevotee class of men always traffic. 18. One should become a scientist or philosopher to make a research in the spiritual knowledge and not in material knowledge knowing it well that spiritual knowledge is permanent whereas material knowledge ends with the end of the body.

These eighteen items are gradual processes of developing real knowledge and except these eighteen items all other items whatsoever are grouped with the categories of nescience. SrilaBhaktivinode Thakur a great Acharya said that all sorts of material knowledge are but external features of the illusory energy and by culturing them one becomes as good as an ass. Here in the Ishopanishad also the same thing is repeated. Material advancement of knowledge is actually converting the human being to the state of an ass. Some of the materialistic politicians under the cover of spiritual garments sometimes decry that the present system of civilization is a satanic type of civilization but unfortunately they do not care for the culture of real knowledge as it is described in the Bhagwat Geeta.

In the modern setup of things even a boy thinks himself self sufficient and pay no respect to the elderly men. And due to the wrong type of education imparted in the so-called universities the boys all over the world are now causes of headache to the elderly people. Therefore the Ishopanishad warns very cautiously that the culture of nescience is different. The universities are so to say centres of culturing nescience only and therefore the scientists are busy to discover lethal weapons for wiping out the existence of another country.

The university students are not given instructions on the regulative principles ofBrahmacharya neither they have any faith in the respective scriptural injunctions. Religiosities are taught for the sake of name and fame only and not for the matter of practical actions. Therefore there is animosities not only in social political fields but also there is animosity in the religious fields also.

The so-called nationalism of different parts of the world have developed on account of this nescient education of the people. They have no information that this tiny earth is a lump of matter and is floating in the immeasurable material space along with other such material lumps. In comparison to the huge space these material lumps are like particles in the air. Because God has kindly made these lumps of matter perfect in themselves they are perfectly equipped with all necessary arrangements for its floating on in the space. The sputnik drivers are very much proud of their achievement but they do not look to the Supreme Driver of these great and gigantic sputniks called by the name of planets. These small planets are innumerable within the sun rays and there are innumerable suns also occupying greater space than this sun with greater arrangement of planetary system. We small creatures as the infinitesimal parts and parcel of the Supreme Lord are trying to lord it over these unlimited planets by repeated birth and deaths and disturbed in the meantime by old age and diseases. And this span of life is scheduled for 100 years only although it is gradually decreasing to the limit of 20 or 30 years of life. But thanks to the influence of the culture of nescient education that the befooled men have created their own nationalism within these planets for sense enjoyment of 20 or 30 years. These foolish people are making various plans to make these demarked portions of the earth as perfect as possible which is impossible to do at all and for this purpose each and every nation has become a source of pinpricks for the other. Fifty percent of the energy spoiled in the defense measures without caring for real culture of knowledge and they are falsely proud of becoming advanced in both material and spiritual knowledge. The Ishopanishad warns them for the faulty mode of education and the Bhagwat Geeta gives them instructions as to the development of real knowledge.

Here in this Mantra there is a hint that the instruction of Vidya must be taken from theDheera. Dheera means undisturbed. Not disturbed by the material illusion. Nobody can be undisturbed unless and until one has perfectly the spiritual realisation. When one is perfectly spiritually realised he has no more hankering for anything required nor lamenting for anything lost. Such Dheera has realised that the material body and mind which he has acquired by chance of material association are also foreign elements and therefore they only make the best use of a bad bargain. The material body and mind are bad bargains for the spiritual spark the living entity. The living entity has different functions in the living world. This material world is the dead world or the Mrityuloka. So long the living sparks manipulate the dead lump of matter the dead world appears to be a living world. But actually it is the living sparks parts and parcel of the Supreme living Being which move the world. The Dheeras means those who have come to know all these facts by hearing from the superior authorities and have thus realised the same by following the regulative principles. To follow the regulative principles one must have gone under the shelter of a bonafide spiritual master. The transcendental message comes down from the spiritual master to the disciple in the regulative principles and not in the hazardous way of nescient education. One can become Dheera by such submissive hearing only. Arjuna became a Dheera by submissively hearing from the Authority of the Personality of Godhead. Therefore the disciple must be like Arjuna and the spiritual master must be as good as the Lord Himself. These are the processes to learn Vidya from the Dheera. Adheera or the one who had never gone under the training of a Dheera cannot be instructive leader. The modern politicians who pose to be so-called Dheera leaders are themselves Adheeras and how one can expect the perfect knowledge from them? They are busy with their own remuneration in L.S.P. and how they can lead the mass of people to the right path of self realisation. One must hear submissively from the Dheera to get actual education of life.

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