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Really look forward to hearing how things went. About another hour passed. All my kinkiest dreams were cuming true. 1 rule of anal sex: use lots of lube. Her lips locked on my cock. I couldn’t ever have a threesome because as you said, irrational emotions, but i’ve accepted what i feel for now. That lack of support and community likely has health implications.

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Surprise bisexual story. I’m happy for you that you met someone attractive and really hope it goes well! Marie was so excited she could barely contain herself. This is definitely one of the cutest stories i’ve ever read on reddit. It’s not the gender of the person you fall for, it’s the personality. We were in seventh heaven together.

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Being bisexual (the good bits)

For those of us with minority identities. If hes bottom then you dont have to worry too much about the sex but if not and you want to do anal then the first rule is to use lots of lubricant and also take it very slow (the first 5 mins are most important and going too quick or too fast can cause pain). I don’t think that’s relevant to whats being discussed here, and i do think that gender and sex are important to most people, and that’s fine.

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